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Himalaya 2990 2616/2617

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Spanish slip on shoes made of soft calf skin featuring a flexible rubber sole. The cushioned insoles and sleek design with the doubly stichings make them ideal match for long daily wear at work or at leisure during the summer.

Leather shoes can serve their purpose for an extended period of time if maintained properly. We will gladly share some useful tips to help you keep your favourite shoes as good as new even after many years of use.


  • Leather footwear should be thoroughly cleaned after a couple uses with a rug or a soft brush in order to avoid scratches. The use of a brush is preferable for brogues or shoes with many stichings in order to clean them in depth.
  • Shoes made of patent leather should be cleaned only with a soft rug.

  • Footwear made of nubuck or oil tanned leather are brushed up the nap with a soft brush. Any black spots should be cleaned with the use of a common white pencil rubber. If the spots insist, you can use a  brush made of crepe rubber, usually sold in shoe repair shops.
  • Polishing shoes made of smooth leather – not nubuck, suede or patent leather – should be done with high quality shoe polish and not self finish products that can ruinthe surface of the skin. Always use the same colour tone as the shoes – in case you cannot find a shoe polish matching the colour tone it is best to use neutral colour. Same thing applies for brushed or burnished leather shoes so that they keep their patina. Shoe polishing and waxing should be done regularly and definately before storage at season’s end.
  • Whenever your shoes are wet, let them dry naturally away from any sources of heat for as long as it may take. Usually a dump wettex cloth can help to remove mud and then clean them accordingly to their leather type.
  • Leather footwear require to respirate in order to dry out from human sweat, and so it is not advisable to wear the same pair daily.
  • The protective rubber of the heels needs to be replaced on time to avoid damaging the shape of the soles.
  • Shoes made of oily leather can be treated with vaseline after they are thoroughly cleaned.

We are at your disposal for any further information concerning shoe care and maintenance.

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Himalaya 2990 2616/2617
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